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Esthetic Dentistry and Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers Boca Raton, FL

Esthetic dentistry aims to improve your dental structures and their functions. A complete dental makeover may need some boost with dermal fillers. Your face frames your mouth. Your mouth frames your teeth and gums. Dermal fillers can highlight the fabulous work of your dentist. If you want to find out more about esthetic dentistry and dermal fillers, here are the facts.

Gummy smiles

Dentists practicing esthetic dentistry can improve this condition by using non-invasive treatment. This is possible with dermal fillers. Skilled dentists can change the balance of mouth muscles. Patients with overactive upper lip muscles, small teeth, or excessive gum tissue can benefit from dermal fillers.

Patients with gummy smiles experience dissatisfaction in smiling. Placing a hand over the mouth or closing the lips while smiling is a common practice. Doing either one hides the excessive gum tissue. The dentist targets the muscle that runs along the side of the nose. This muscle connects to the upper lip. The muscle wrinkles the nose and lifts the upper lip.

The dentist relaxes this muscle by injecting dermal fillers into it. As a result, the patient shows less gum tissue when smiling. Targeting the muscle at the corner of the mouth also helps reduce a gummy smile. Dermal fillers help this muscle pull up better. This creates a wider, more inviting smile.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)

Esthetic dentistry can provide relief in patients with TMD. Injecting dermal fillers relaxes the jaw muscles. The relaxation reduces the tension and pain from this condition. Resting the jaw muscles allows better healing. Jaw pain and teeth clenching also reduce the patient’s migraines. Dermal filler injections in esthetic dentistry remove the discomfort from wearing a mouthguard.

Black triangle

A black triangle a deficient interdental papilla. This poses a challenge in esthetic dentistry. Black triangles appear in between teeth because of intense gum procedures, bridges, crowns, or implants. These may even happen because of natural reasons. Years ago, black triangles were difficult to treat and unavoidable. Thanks to advances in esthetic dentistry, a less invasive treatment can correct this condition.

The dentist will inject dermal fillers into the patient’s gums. Doing so corrects the black triangle in mere minutes. Injecting the patient’s gums using the sterile technique ensures optimal results. Patients can show off their new smiles minutes after the treatment.

Angular cheilitis

This is perleche, angular stomatitis, and cheilosis. Angular cheilosis is a persistent pain in the corners of the mouth. It is an isolated condition. It does not spread at all with proper treatment. If the patient does not get treatment, angular cheilosis can spread.

Dermal fillers can suspend and elevate the perioral tissues. Treating angular cheilosis in the elderly is a common practice. The retirees can enjoy life better without pain in the corners of their mouths. All it takes is a semi-intrusive esthetic dentistry treatment in the form of dermal fillers.

Esthetic dentistry uses dermal fillers to rejuvenate your mouth

Various issues in esthetic dentistry can find a solution in dermal fillers. Your dentist can administer dermal fillers to correct the structure and function of your teeth. At the same time, dermal fillers can enhance your health. An appointment with your dentist can start your new journey to better dental health.

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